"I alone have the solution against corruption in Haiti" said Haitian President Jovenel Moise

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The champion of the fight against corruption is him and he does not want to share this title with anyone else. The President of the Republic flames all those who think they can fight against corruption in the country.
"I am the only one to have the solution against corruption in Haiti," said Jovenel Moise in his show called "Pawol Chanjman" -Words of Change- broadcast last Sunday on the National Television.

If you have a problem of corruption to solve, you must call Jovenel Moise there is no better than him in the fight against corruption. It was the President of the Republic who said it himself. "Since September 4, 2017, I had already said. It is I who have the solution for the five problems of the country: corruption, corruption, corruption, corruption, corruption. I alone have the solution for the question of corruption. Nobody else ! " Railed the head of state.

To show that he is the champion of the fight against corruption, the tenant of the National Palace has said that he and he alone has decreased the cost of construction of a kilometer of road from $ 1.5 million to 100,000 dollars. He says he has also solved the problem of "inactive contract workers" in public administration who receive their salaries and do nothing.

"There were 23,000 zombie checks in the public administration, today I stopped this practice," he said proudly.

However, for Jovenel Moses, the fight against corruption should not be used for witch hunt, political persecution or to bring false testimony against people. "It is a struggle to allow the money of the state to serve the people," he said while repeatedly giving credit to the fight against corruption.

"State money should not be used for the benefit of a small group, it must be beneficial for the entire population", said the head of state. "We must respect the state's money. Corruption is a crime against development. Corruption is an absolute evil, "he said.

The fight against corruption, according to Jovenel Moïse, is not a speech or a propaganda. "The fight against corruption is a perpetual struggle. State money must be spent on building schools for children across the country ... ", he said.

Jovenel Moïse called the population to calm so that "big corrupters do not seize the fight against corruption. " It's a dangerous battle that takes courage," he said in his 40-minute broadcast recorded in a germoplasm center in the South.

These statements by the Head of State on the fight against corruption come at a time when the Senate is struggling to vote on the report of the Commission
Inquiry into the PetroCaribe Fund. In this investigation, relatives of the President of the Republic are accused of having squandered the money of the state when they were ministers under the administration of Martelly.

In another speech in Moreau, the head of state said that it is time for politicians to stop lying to the people. He said that the publication of the budget was a difficult but necessary decision. He asked his constituents to trust only him and no one else.

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