Spanish Football Federation diverted 220.000 € meant for football school in Haiti after 2010 quake

October 28, 2016
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On Friday, the daily Spanish newspaper El Mundo, reported that the Spanish Football Federation has diverted 220,000 euros of public money originally intended to Haiti following the earthquake that struck in 2010. Apparently, that amount of money theoretically was aimed at creating a football school for Haitian children.

Always according to El Mundo, the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the government agency that regulates sports within Spain; will order the President of the Spanish Football Federation, Angel Maria Villar, to repay the entire sum of money back, because its whereabouts are unknown: the football school was never built and the technicians who allegedly participated in the project never traveled to Haiti. Also, Haiti's Minister of Education and of Sports has never met the head of the Spanish Football Federation, nor signed any agreement with him for the construction of said school.

American Airlines releases statement regarding death of passenger on NY to Haiti flight

October 26, 2016
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American Airlines has released a statement regarding the recent death of a passenger aboard its flight from New York to Haiti on Sunday.

Today, in response to an email sent by us to American Airlines on Tuesday, requesting confirmation that pilots alerted the tower in Port-au-Prince about the distress or death of the passenger on their flight and whether Ms Eliassaint received aid from flight attendant(s) or was she not discovered dead until the plane landed;  American Airlines Corporate Direc...

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One dead and 3 injured during aid distribution in Haiti

October 26, 2016
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A Colombian ship full of first aid items was being unloaded at the port in the southwestern town of Dame-Marie when a stampede occurred on the dock in the afternoon.

The situation went out of hand despite the presence of UN peacekeepers and the Haitian national police while the aid was being coordinated. "The Brazilian peacekeepers who were there supporting the Haitian national police fired rubber bullets and two tear-gas grenades," said Mour Wahba UN humanitarian coordinator in Haiti.

But, the...

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77 years old passenger died aboard American Airlines flight from New York to Haiti

October 25, 2016

A 77 years old woman, Lucia Eliassaint, aboard the American airlines flight 2175 from New York to Haiti on Sunday, was found dead in her seat. Confirms, Serge Simon, assistant director of the National Airport Authority (AAN). 

Speaking to local newspaper Le Nouvelliste, Serge also denied rumors circulating on social media suggesting that the passenger died on the tarmac at Port-au-Prince international airport, after a minor discomfort on the plane and there were no paramedics present to assist...

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Only 15% of voting centers are left operational in Haiti after hurricane

October 24, 2016
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Speaking to reporters during a press conference, Leopold Berlanger, the president of Haiti Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) said that only 15% of the voting centers are operational.

These voting centers, mostly schools, were heavily damaged during the storm, and the remaining left standing are being used as temporary shelters.

"Of 106 voting centres in the Grand’Anse department, only 16 are ready for elections. However, most of the 16 functioning voting centres are being used as provisiona...

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Breaking News: 170 prisoners escaped from prison in Haiti

October 23, 2016

More than 170 inmates have escaped from prison in Arcahaie, a city in northern Haiti about 30 miles from the Capital Port-au-Prince.
A guard and an inmate were killed during the fire exchange. Police also confirms that 5 riffles were stolen.

"Three prisoner were wounded, including one who died as a consequence of his wounds."  said Justice Minister Camille Edouard Junior to reporters.

Authorities have begun a manhunt for the fugitives with the help of UN peacekeepers stationed in the country.


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Cholera epidemic spreading at alarming rate in Haiti following devastating hurricane

October 20, 2016
Depuis l'ouragan, près de 300 personnes ont été contaminées par le choléra à Randelle.

A cholera epidemic that health officials worried would emerge amid the devastating hurricane Matthew in Haiti, is now spreading at an alarming rate in the island nation. Some 500 people and counting have been infected in the three weeks span after the storm that killed over 1.000 people and displaced another 350.000.

In the isolated and mountainous small rural villages in southwest Haiti, where hurricane Matthew caused the greatest damages, locals are struggling to find care for their loved on...

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US to end its helicopter relief efforts in Haiti, says Pentagon

October 20, 2016

The United States in the coming days will be ending its helicopter relief efforts in Haiti. The US sent 10 helicopters to Haiti as part of its rescue and relief operations, following the request of assistance of the Haitian government in the midst of the devastating Hurricane.

The decision of the US government, according to the Pentagon, comes after the road conditions in Haiti have begun to improve. The powerful hurricane caused millions of dollars of damages to Haiti’s already precarious i...

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Breaking News: Small plane from Haiti with US and Canadian citizens crashed in Dominican Republic

October 18, 2016
A small plane that took from Haiti last night, with three people on board has crashed off the northern coast of the Dominican republic.

According to the Dominican Civil Aviation Authority, the people on board included an American and two Canadians. 

A statement from the aviation authority issued Tuesday said the plane took off from Port-au-Prince on Monday and was headed to the Dominican Republic coastal town of Puerto Plata. The Air Force of the Dominican Republic had located wreckage from the...

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Breaking News: Haitian Supreme Court announced plan for hostile takeover of presidency

October 16, 2016
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The Haitian Supreme Court has begun drawing up an elaborate plan for a hostile take over of the presidency, by invoking Article 149 of the Haitian constitution, according to a press statement released by the Court, through its spokesperson George May Figaro, who also confirmed that the judges had emergency meetings to decide whether or not to invoke the Article which states:

"Should the office of the President of the Republic becomes vacant for any reason, the President of the Supreme Court of...

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