Kalfou is the twin brother of Papa Legba, and him too control the crossroads; but unlike Legba, Kalfou is very evil and only allow the crossing of bad spirits. He controls all the evil spirits of the dark. Kalfou is viewed as a strong, young, muscular, tall and handsome man; whereas his twin brother got old from wisdom. Very authoritative, no one speak in his presence, or he will deliberately allow misfortune, destruction, injustice to cross over. During his services, soAme of the most devilish spirits,such as Krabinay, Marinette, Lenglensou, Bakoulou Baka, always make appearance. He is the Grand Master of sorceries. It is said that the world would be a much better place without him, but he always denies his involvement with demons,and since he controls the mind, no one would even dare think otherwise. Kalfou is very respected but highly feared. His symbol is the moon and his ceremonies always take place in the middle of crossroads at night. Kalfou is undoubtedly one of the most important spirits in Voodoo. His powers and energy are needed to balance the world, and everything related to black magic and spells must get his approval, therefore, many seek his work.  Although an extremely  powerful magician, Kalfou only uses 7 leaves in almost of his work.

Colors: Black and Red
Offerings: Bull