The Loa Bossou  is believed to be the spirit of the deceased Dahomean king Tegbésou. He is a very powerful, mighty and aggressive loa, who's appearance is that of a man with three horns. Each horn has a meaning. (Strength, wildness and violence)  When he comes in possession, he appears as breaking chain that he was restrained from, acts like a bull  and often goes crashing into things, altar, people and walls. He would charge everything around with his head like a ferocious bull would do with its horns. He would sometimes eat grass, moo like a cow, drink rum or bull's blood. He protects his followers when they travel at night an he's also an amazing healer. His female counterpart is called Madan Bossou literally  translates into (Bossou's wife) which is a cow and they have a son named ( Kabwatye). Sometimes all three will appear together in a ceremony.
 His colors is Red and he's represented by the Catholic Saint image of Jesus de la Buena Esperanza.

Alternattives: Bosso Dlo 
(Bossou water), Bossou twa kòn (Bossou triple horned.), Bossou kondyanman, Kadja Bossou, Djobolo Bossou