Baron is one of the most important Spirits in Haitian Voodoo. He is the the God of Death; the ultimate crossroad; that all living souls, must fording. As Master of Death, he is also a giver of life. No one can die if baron refuses to dig their grave.His powers are also often use, on curses and dark magic. Baron is one the few spirits, where all his manifestations are as widely known as people seek service from them. He is the father of all Gede, and his wife is Grann Brijit. Some of is manifestations are known as Baron Lacroix (Baron the Cross); in connection to grave crosses. Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday), Baron Kriminèl (Baron the Criminal), and Baron Simityè. (Baron of the Cemetery.) He is the Supreme Lawyer. Give him all your complaints, and he will make a just judgement. The first male to be buried in all Haitian cemeteries, are known as Baron Simityè. People buries letters in front of those tombs, they burn candle and drop alcohol. Even making small food offering in Kalbas. (Calabash) As the God of Death, he is familiar with all types of deaths. The bloodiest included; therefore, although he is viewed as the Spirit of Death, which usually represents darkness, he has no problem using red.

A popular song is sung, emphasizing on Baron impartiality in rendering Justice. Not even the children are exempt.

"Baron Oh! Baron Oh! 
Baron Oh! Baron Oh!
Timoun fronte kap'e joure granmoun
Mennen' y'ale nan Simityè"

Baron Oh! Baron Oh!
Baron Oh! Baron Oh!
rude children, who are disrespecting the elders
bring them to the Cemetery."