Agassou is believed to be the product of a divine mating. A leopard is said to have mated with a princess named Aligbonon of Tado. He is also noted as a ruler and king of an African sect, that has come to be known as the leopard society. Agassou was chosen by Ayida Wedo, to be sent to Haiti, to bring the practice of Voodoo to her African children to ease their pains and sufferings from slavery, according to popular beliefs. He was given a crab for his journey thus Haitian associate him with crab instead of a panther like in Africa. He is referred to as " Agassou de bo Miwa" meaning "Agassou the two sided mirror."  One side facing Guinea and the other, Haiti.He is the guardian of the old traditions of Dahomey. and is usually called when money is needed in the temple. His color is white.
Alternatives: Agassou Do, Agassou Lèlè.