The recent installation and the declaration of the new chief prosecutor in the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, are very troublesome and many should be extremely concerned by his declarations. Mr Francisco Rene a controversial prosecutor, with the reputation of ordering the arrests of journalists who are not favorably reporting of the current Haitian government, made the following announcement during his swearing in ceremony. “Playtime is over, the radios drama is over. There are no longer questions of treating the authorities anyhow… The slanders will be prosecuted. I will strengthen the system of criminal justice”.  Threatening the media for their constant reporting on the activities and programs of the government and its officials is outrageous and should not be taken lightly. I mean really Mr Francisco, your top priority is the prosecution of slanders?!!! When you say that it is no longer question of treating authorities anyhow, what exactly do you mean by that? Can you tell the population how the authorities are being treated? Last time I checked the authorities enjoy the most lavish lifestyle that their salaries cannot even afford while the poor are living in crass. Prisoners are held in jail for years, some for decades without ever appearing before a judge unless they have enough money to pay a police officer for their release or pay the judge who can enter a favorable judgment for them. Are you talking about these authorities? We are so confused and your declaration needs some clarities. Which authorities are being treated badly? The Prime Minister and the President surrounded all the time by top notch security officers ready to shoot at anyone who would want to attack them? If the government wants the media to talk favorably about its actions then it should do good works that are favorable to the masses. Criticism may not be agreeable but it is necessary in a true democracy. Threats by officials to oppress freedom of speech should not be accepted under any circumstances. We know better than anyone what could precede these threats; the Duvaliers and many before them showed us what can happen when freedom of speech is not respected. Fortunately those sad and dark days are behind us and we the Haitian people should never accept any attempt to bring them back. We join our voice with those of numerous human rights and freedom of speech advocates, the Haitian Media Association, The Haitian Bar Association and a number of Haitian lawmakers against the appointment of this incompetent individual, who has no idea whatsoever about the rules of laws, and whose appointment is to only push the government agenda and oppress those who oppose. How else the government is suppose to know which programs work or don't work if the people are not allowed to say how they feel about them.