The Ogier Fombrun Museum is located on the premises of the Moulin sur Mer Beach Resort, about an hour drive north from Port-au-Prince international airport, in the beach town of Montrouis.

The property is a former colonial sugar cane plantation, built in 1760 by the french colonist Guillaume Ogier. Abandoned in 1799 in the wake of the Haitian revolution. In 1977, the Haitian architect Gerard Fombrun discovered the ruins and consecrated his time to its full restauration. It took him 35 years to complete the colossal task.

A visit to the Ogier Fombrun Museum and beach resort is a must if you are in Haiti for a couple of days. The museum takes you back in time to different periods of Haiti's history. Exhibits of artifacts from the Taino/Arawak period to the colonial time, retracing a slice of the country's rich past. 

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The lush property, steps from the snow-white sand, and pristine azure beach, also offers stunning view of the mountains in the near distance. popular activities range from snorkeling, surfing or just relaxing under the shades one of the majestuous coconut, palm trees and other exotic trees right on the beach, or take a dip into some of the bluest ocean around.