Le Negre Marron is an iconic statue located at the Champ de Mars boulevard. The Negre Marron translated as the black maroon is shown with its left legs extended, a broken chain on his ankle symbolizing the abolition of slavery in Haiti, a machete on his right hand in symbolization of defending the country's Independence and a conch shell to his lips, which was often use during the Haitian revolution as a trumpet gathering slaves for battles. 

This incredible masterpiece personifying the entire nation was created by the Haitian Sculptor/Architect Albert Mangones in 1968, commissioned by Francois Duvalier in commemoration of then upcoming 100 years celebration of Bois Caiman.  After the Citadelle Laferriere, Le Negre Marron is the most recognizable symbol of Haiti, and is worldly viewed as a symbol of freedom for Black people.