Lake Azuei is the largest lake of Haiti and the second largest in Hispaniola, located in the extremely fertile Plaine du Cul-de-Sac, 18 miles east of Port-au-Prince. Part of the lake also serves as a border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where its twin and also the largest lake of the Island, is known as Lake Enriquillo. The lake is 16 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide.

Lake Azuei is one of only 5 like its type in the entire world to harbor over 100 different species of animals, including flamingos, eagles and american crocodiles; as many as 400 breeding pairs of birds; some 17.000 mirror cap fish which were previously thought to live only in Europe, how they got there is still a mystery; some 50.000 Tilapia fish; to have almost the entirety of its flora endemic and to have two different type of water: While the western part has saline water, the eastern part has fresh water even though the lake is not feed by any river; numerous springs emanate from calciferous rocks found deep underneath it.

Lake Azuei is worldly recognized as an important breeding, passage, wintering of numerous bird species throughout the Americas and, extensive studies are conducted by numerous international agencies frequently, still amazed by the lake uniqueness. 
Lake Azuei unfortunately does not benefit a protected status from  Haitian authorities.