Fort Jacques, conveniently located in the town of Kenscoff, about 30 minutes from Petion-Ville, and about an hour from Port-au-Prince, is one the numerous fortresses built under the command of Haiti's father of Independence Jean Jacques Dessalines, in fear of a french invasion. 

Fort Jacques sits on hilltops, overlooking the vast bay of Port-Prince in the far distance and stunning mountainsides farmlands nearby.

Located on one of the highest altitudes of the country, in the middle of a pine trees forest, the climate around the Fort Jacques area is always cool all year round and, you might even need to wear a sweater if you go during the cooler months of December and January. 

There are 20 remnants of French and British canons, with their original inscribing intact, scattered around the fortress.

The fortress suffered serious damages during the devastating earthquake in 2010, but has already underwent repairs, thanks to Haiti's Ministry of Tourism.