Hidden in the hills above the picturesque of one of the most stunning and popular town of Haiti, Jacmel; is the breathtaking, isolated and unique waterfall " Bassin Bleue."

Bassin Bleue consists of a series of natural rock bassins arranged in cascade, successively pouring water into one another. The cool and crystal clear water is great for a swim. Jump from the waterfalls, swim in the cool basins, enjoy the cool cover of the lush vegetation in your own private grotto.


 Bassin-Bleu is truly one of the most popular and recognizable features of Haiti.
Travel to Bassin-Bleu is restricted to a minimal amount of tourists per day to preserve its environmental integrity. Because of this exclusivity, make sure to check with your local resort to ensure you will be able to travel on your desired day. Also, please make sure you leave Bassin-Bleu as pristine as you found it.