sanite belair

Suzanne Belair, mostly known as Sanite Belair, was one of the few female soldiers who fought during the Haitian Revolution. History fails to keep much about her early life, but it is believed by many credible historians, that, Sanite Belaire was born in 1781, in what is now known as "L'Artibonite"

Sanite, and her husband Charles Belair, are responsible for the uprising of almost the entire slaves population of L'Artibonite, against their masters.
Unsuccessful, they both got captured by the french soldiers, on October 5th 1802, and received the death sentence. Her by decapitation and her husband by firing squad. She refused to die by decapitation and demanded to be executed just like her husband, whom she just bravely watched being shot to death by a couple of French soldiers. Now it was Sanite turn. She kept both her eyes opened, and as they were firing. She shouted to the slaves who of course were forced to watch the scene, in attempt to dispel the Revolution idea.
" Viv Lib├Ęte anba esklavaj!"  " Liberty, no to slavery!"

Today, still not much is known about Sanite Belaire, but she is formally recognized by the Haitian Government as a National Heroine of Haiti and needless to say: a true freedom fighter, and surely an inspiration for many women fighting for their freedom, one way or the other throughout the word.