capois la mort

François Capois, surnamed Capois La Mort (Capois the Death), was a rebel slave born in Port-de-Paix on the habitation of Laveaux Lapointe. His military careers began in 1793 after a visit of Toussaint L'Ouverture at Port-de-Paix. His rank to the army changed quickly. First to lieutenant, then captain of the 3rd battalion. François Capois is best known for his extraordinary courage and especially for his herculean bravery at the"Bataille de Vertières" , in which the General Viscount of Rochambeau, Commander of Napoleon's Army at Saint Domingue, called a brief cease-fire to congratulate François Capois.
On November 18, 1803, Jean Jacques Dessalines ordered Capois to take over a fort situated on a hill. Capois advanced three times with a demi-brigade to fight the French Armies, but he and his troops were driven to the bottom of the hill by the French Military. Boiling with rage, Capois mounted his horse and advanced for the fourth time, asking his men to follow him by saying: ''Forward! forward!" While he was at the head of his army, his horse was hit by a cannon ball. He fell, but took up his sword, got up and ran to place himself again at the head of his black soldiers by shooting: ''Forward! forward!". His cap, garnished with plumes was then shot off . He replied to this insult, which left his head vulnerable, by drawing his sword and again threw himself into the assault. The French General Rochambeau shouted: ''Bravo! bravo! bravo!" and ask for a cease of fire. A French staff Officer mounted his horse and rode toward the Intrepid Capois la Mort and, with a great voice he shouted: '' General Rochambeau sends compliments to the General who has just covered himself with such glory." Then he saluted the Haitian warriors, returned to his position  and the fight resumed. The next morning, a French Officer followed by his companions, rode to the headquarters of the Haitian Army with a caparisoned horse and delivered it with these words: " Captain-General Rochambeau offers this horse as a mark of admiration to the black Achilles, to replace his that the French Army regrets having killed.''  Today in Haiti, many songs are made in honor of this courageous soldier that Capois la Mort was. Forever his heroic acts will be admired.