Sarodj Bertin, Haitian miss universe, famous haitian

Sarodj Bertin, a beauty pageant, and a lawyer, was born on  April 11, 1986 in Port-au-Prince. She is the Daughter of Mireille Durocher Bertin, a prominent Haitian lawyer, a social leader and a human rights activist, very outspoken critic of then President 
Jean Bertrand Aristide. She was murdered  on March 28, 1995 in Port-au-Prince in broad day light. After the assassination of her mother, Sarodj Bertin, only 9, fled to the neighboring Dominican Republic with her dad, and siblings, in fear of loosing their lives. After the devastating January Earthquake, Sarodj Bertin entered the Miss Haiti contest and won. She then went to Puerto Rico for her intense training for Miss Universe. On August 23, 2010; Sarodj Bertin represented Haiti in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held in Las Vegas. Her representation of Haiti on the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, sparked a lot of controversies. Many argues that she could not really represent Haitians, since she does not look a typical Haitian, due to her light skin tone, long silky hair and that she is too "Dominicanized" for having living in the Dominican Republic for such a long period of time. Sarodj Bertin did not let any of those critics brought her down. She wanted to be the voice of the Haitian people who were in dire needs of help, just months after the earthquakethat killed more than 300.000 of them, and destroyed their country.  Haiti needs more people like Sarodj Bertin, people who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, people who despite hate, and discouragements from their own piers, do not give up. She may not be a major voice like Wyclef Jean, but she represents nonetheless. She is beautiful, intelligent, a multilingual who speaks 4 languages, and Haiti chose the best person to represent her.